Edwyna and Douggie are shipwrecked on a mysterious South Sea island.They are captured by a crazy tribe of Rastafarian voodoo natives who are led by the larger-than-life, Voodoo Valma.They are drugged with Jungle Fever juice, almost cooked in the sacrificial cauldron and then auctioned off by Rubber Gloves, the whip-cracking, leather-squelching Slave market Junkie. Doctor Moron buys the couple as new experimental subjects.

The doctor has dedicated his life’s work to perfecting the secret process that will enable him to transmute humans into animals (unlike another doctor, “who did some similar work in a related field. But he was all mixed up. He wanted to try to change animals into humans. Silly, silly man!”).

The Doctor wants to unleash the beast in us all. He works out of a large cave over at Devil’s Cove. The huge dark cavern serves as his court and his laboratory; it is replete with Gothic trappings where he is surrounded by an assortment of wild experimental beings in various stages of mutation.


Edwyna’s presence prompts the Doctor to ditch Mona, his devoted woman and yet-another failed experiment who is far too human for his liking.

Meanwhile, Rubber Gloves takes an overly keen interest in Douggie and drags him off to show him some “Animal Nights”.

The show is also peppered with occasional visits and some paint-stripping rock, rhythm and blues from Brother Bob, the hip black preacher (“God said to me, give up the booze , Gotta go an’ take a South Sea Cruise!”) Fitter and Turner, the Doctor’s lab assistants who relish the ‘wet jobs’and Schnapps, the manic photo historian for Doctor Moron.

Do the lovers escape? Does Mona get her mad-doctor-man back? Does Brother Bob hook up with Valma and does her 2IC, Balthasar, get his microwave sacrificial cauldron?And, most importantly, does Doctor Moron succeed in bringing out the beast in all of us? Well …. You’ll just have to wait to see the show!